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Autumn Touches for your Bedroom ;)

Hi guys... So, well this is awkward. I've been gone for WAY too long, I think the last time I posted was in June. That's 3 MONTHS!!! I'm sorry guys!! I had an extremely busy summer, and I honestly had more important things to be doing than sitting on my laptop, typing. But now that its officialy AUTUMN  (WHOOP WHOOP), and I'm back at school, I feel like it's time to start this up again.

I'm so excited to be back, and what better time to come back than in autumn? I mean, who doesn't love autumn. If you're new around here, I love listsing things. But most of you know that already. Here's a list of reasons why I personally love autumn. (Or fall, which is an awesome name for it hehe)

Reasons I love Autumn :)
  • The candle scents (oh my God, the candle scents)
  • Pumpkin spice everything
  • Cinnamon
  • Leaves
  • The colours
  • My Birthday (Which is in four days, I'll hopefully have some stuff on that too!)
  • Halloween (I actually just watched Hocus Pocus xD)
  • And just the general autumn feel. Ugh.It's so perfect!
And without further ado, let's get on with the real thing you're all here for!


Now I know this says bedroom, but really it can be for any room. I just have the stuff in my bedroom.

1. A polystyrene pumpkin
I know what you're thinking, why not just get a real pumpkin? Well, these are lighter, and last for longer. I actually bought one last week, and if I had bought a real pumpkin last week, it wouldn't last up until the end of the season. (Don't get me wrong, I certainly will get a real pumpkin, when the time comes) The pic is actually the exact one i have, and I forgot to say, they are carvable!

2. Autumn Candles
If you're room doesn't smell like autumn, it probably won't feel as autumny (I just made that a word). I have two candles at the moment from TK Maxx, and they were only like 5 bucks each. They are my life at the moment. I have an autumn leaves candle, and a harvest festival one too. Just wait until Halloween comes round and our decorations come down from the attic!

3. Colour
Try and find some autumn duvets, maybe an autumn throw or just decorate your room in red, orange and brown.

4. Make something yourself!
I made a few things, like some cereal box leaves, and a thing that dangles from the ceiling on a piece of ribbon with a witch on it (unfortuneately my dog ate that)

I think thats's about it, but you really need to be autumny yourself as well. Just feel the autumn vibes, put some autumn music on, get a mug of tea and read your favourite book, or bake a batch of pupmkin spice cookies. I also have a really cosy orange and brown kintted jumper, and it makes me feel so autumnal.( I just realised that's the word, but I still am gonna leave autumy, I kinda like it xD) As well as that, I happened to come across a pair of mustard brown suede converse with a fluffy inside and they just scream AUTUMNNNNN!

I'll have a monthly favourites up soon, like at the end of the month ;)

It's time for an AUTUMN QUOTEEEEE                                                                           

Meain Girl- going back to real life xx


  1. Girl WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?!?!?! I missed having you around my blog so much because you were one of my first and most dedicated readers EVER! I was just telling my friends about how sweet you always were just a few days ago, and I realised you'd completely disappeared off the face of the Earth!! SO glad to see you're back, and I loooooove the fall feels in this post. All the browns and reds and oranges - awesomeeeee! Please reply - I've missed you! Love your work as usual girl :)


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