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Travelling at Christmas

As some of you may know, I live on an island. When you live on an island you pretty much depend on the weather.
If you want to go to the mainland, you have two choices. Boat or plane. If the weather is bad, mostly choppy seas, the boat is cancelled. If there is very strong wind or fog, the plane is cancelled.

This year I'm going to my grandparents house for christmas and I'm getting the boat later today. Tomorrow there will be a storm and it will continue throughout the weekend.

So if you don't leave on the boat today, you'll be stuck here for Christmas!

How about you? Do any of you guys depend on the weather for travelling?

Do any of you guys live in big cities in the US or the UK or Australia or New Zealand? I'd love to hear about Christmas there.

I hope you guys get to your Christmas Destination in time!

Meain Girl- going back to real life xxx


Hi guys! So I started this blog this day last week and I haven't had any comments, apart from 3 I wrote myself. How hard can it be? I often comment what I think on my favourite blogs, and I like to be honest when I'm writing. I changed the comment settings, so that you don't need an account to comment (You just write it and press 'comment' or whatever) Please could you tell me what you think of the blog, or what you think my next post should be about, or any ideas on how to improve my blog. Or just something about yourself. I'm really happy that my first post got so many reads, I have many more than ten readers now.  Thanks to everyone who reads my blog and (ok, I think you get the message now) comment!

I'd like to keep this post short as it just a notification :) Thanks

Meain Girl- going back to real life xxx

Weird Christmas Traditions

There are loads of Christmas traditions. Hundreds, thousands, even millions! I have done some research on Christmas traditions and yes, I have made a list. ( basically links to the best websites)

This first one is the one I always do, go for a Christmas swim on the beach near my grandparents house. It's great because 1. You get to swim 2. You are doing it for charity 3. When you get out you can get hot chocolate with marshmallows and the money goes to charity.
There's probably enough there, it took me a while to read it all.
Do you have any Christmas traditions you want to share? Write them in the comments below.

I hope you guys don't mind this blog was so short, I am now making a list of post ideas!
Meain Girl- going back to real life xxx

6 Days 'til Christmas!

6. Actually 6 days until Christmas! I'm probably going to be quite busy doing Christmasy (I am now hoping that is a word) stuff, I have so much I am going to make a list.
Singing Christmas carolsDoing 'extremely excited'  dancesWrapping stuffKnitting cosy scarves and mittens Wearing my Christmas jumperRoasting chestnuts on an open fireDreaming of a white ChristmasTaking Christmas photosHelp with the Christmas shoppingWriting Christmas cardsMaking mice piesGoing for Christmas Swims (that needs capital letters)Going for baths with Christmas bath bombsDoing Christmas craftsBeing REALLY excited. If I missed anything on the list, remind me in the comments below. I know I probably don't have any readers yet, but I hope to get at least 10 in the future! 

I might be busy up to Christmas but if I have any spare time I'll write another post. Merry Christmas!

Meain Girl- going back to real life xxx

10 Days 'til Christmas!

Can you believe it's 10 days until Christmas? Time to start celebrating! I'm just after making a load of Christmas crafts, and a batch of Christmas cookies.

Here's the recipe I used:

I love Christmas. The decorations, food, tree, and even the amazing smells like cinnamon or ginger or peppermint (I adore the smells!!) 

You know that Christmas feeling that makes you all warm inside? Well, that's how I feel when there is only 10 DAYS 'TIL CHRISTMAS!! Time to start finding presents for your friends and family, and download all the existing Christmas songs on your phone.

Does anyone know where to buy Christmas jumpers for dogs? If you do, please write the name of the place downin the comments below!

I love Christmas photos, so time to share a few of mine with you guys!

Meain Girl- going back to real life xxx

Hello, People of this World!

I've decided to start a blog. This blog.
Why, might you ask?
I moved from a really big and busy city to this tiny island which has way less than the population of my whole school where I used to live. I moved two months ago and I felt sort of lonely, like no one is really noticing me even though no one is here(a few people, of course) . Every where I look, I see the sea. It's like my only friend- apart from my dog Síofra of course.
I feel like if I write this, maybe somebody in the world will read it and know how I feel, or at least some of you guys can be my friends.
That's why I've decided to give blogging a go- so I have someone who can relate to what I say, even if we live on different sides of the world. And I can be myself here, not having to be cool, or stylish, or speak a certain language and I won't lose friends or look stupid. (hopefully!)
That's why I'm going to stay anonymous.
So I can be me and be freeeee!!
My best friend Craftycat (That's not her…